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It's interesting to be so busy that I forget to care about things… - THE LAW [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 27th, 2006|10:41 pm]
It's interesting to be so busy that I forget to care about things like doing the dishes and fixing the pillows on the couch.  Though, now that I write it, I'm compelled to fix them.  Anyway.  School started on monday which feels like it was about three weeks ago and although I'm not overwhelmed I think this is easily the busiest I've been in recent memory.  Its a little nuts.

A few general observations:
1- there has been a bizarre surge in public singing and I'm not talking buskers or anything.  Just random people, usually young dudes, singing.  I don't like it.  Keep singing inside.
2- those vintage canvas totes (like the kind you get at trader joes for your groceries only old with quaint screen printing on them) are NOT COOL.  I don't care how awesome you think you look, little hipster, you actually look like you're going to the bookmobile and then to a PTA meeting.  Or a trumpet lesson.  Or the YMCA in San Francisco in 1983.  Although I like Noora's canvas tote.  She is the exception that proves the rule.
3- There is a much higher concentration of crazy/cracked out/homeless people in downtown olympia than there is in downtown Tacoma.  downtown olympia, particularly the transit center, is totally creepy.  Some wierd, dwarfy asian lady with a mullet tried to sell me a dirty fanny pack yesterday afternoon.  I watched the most disarmingly beautiful, extremely mentally disabled girl steal a sweatshirt from someone on the bus the other day.  She played this really really really uncomfortable grabby game of tug of war with this poor girl who was just trying to keep a hold on her sweatshirt and lost.  I didn't see what happened because I got off the bus.   I sat on the bus for 10 minutes while a really old guy tried to park his scooter on the bus.  NUTs.

Many of you may not see or hear from me in many months.  Do not think this is because I do not care for you.  I  do, I am just reading feverishly in a corner somewhere and cannot answer my phone.

From: n_bowling
2006-09-29 01:48 am (UTC)
Good luck bro(ette).
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